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Built in the early 1930's, our recently restored rooms will take you back to simple times. The early days of bus & railway rest stops, road-trips in the family car, and the quintessential motor court -the era of the Great American Motel.

A step back in time

Located in downtown Eldon Missouri

"The Gateway to the Lake"

Room 9 Lamp sq

Cozy & comfortable, each of our motor court rooms are uniquely furnished and decorated with simple pieces from the past.

A radio in every room, a few choices for reading material, or a deck of cards to help pass the time, we hope you'll enjoy a break from the hustle of the modern life.

We do offer free WiFi, so you don't have to be completely disconnected from the outside world, however there are no Televisions in our motor court guest rooms. Make sure to  view the Randles Villa rooms if you would like more modern conveniences. 

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